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Connor Duckworth

HdL Companies
Project Manager
Mr. Duckworth has over ten years experience working for both state and local municipalities and providing political consulting to candidates on many races and referendums. As a project manager, he is responsible for the development and implementation of business license, tax, and revenue related products and services. He is a lecturer and mentor to municipalities nationwide and has served as a Vice-President on multiple Division Boards along with State Board for the California Municipal Revenue and Tax Association (CMRTA). In addition, Mr. Duckworth is a Certified Revenue Officer (CRO). During his experience working at the city-level, Mr. Duckworth was instrumental in winning the CMRTA Lighthouse Award of Excellence for creating one of the top business license and revenue programs in the State. Additionally, Mr. Duckworth is elected to a county-wide office which governs over 400,000 residents.