James Kurupas

City of Escondido
Senior Code Enforcement Officer
San Diego
I have the privilege of being the business license supervisor in addition to my code enforcement duties. This is only possible through the efforts of my dedicated staff members, Anna Villalobos and Cristyn Alspaugh. Without their professional approach to business licensing my job would be extremely difficult. I am also Division 4 President. Please take time to say hello and let me know how I can be of assistance to you.
Tuesday, October 15

12:30pm PDT

4:00pm PDT

5:30pm PDT

Wednesday, October 16

7:45am PDT

8:00am PDT

9:00am PDT

10:15am PDT

10:30am PDT

10:45am PDT

12:00pm PDT

1:05pm PDT

2:00pm PDT

2:30pm PDT

4:00pm PDT

5:30pm PDT

Thursday, October 17

8:15am PDT

9:15am PDT

10:30am PDT

11:00am PDT

12:05pm PDT

1:00pm PDT

1:35pm PDT

2:20pm PDT

2:40pm PDT

4:05pm PDT

6:00pm PDT

7:00pm PDT