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Dave McPherson

Compliance Director
David McPherson is the Compliance Director for HdL Companies. Prior to joining the firm, David served 28 years in local government for the County of Orange and the cities of Newport Beach, San Jose and Oakland.  David is recognized in California as one of the leading experts in cannabis policies, regulations and taxation strategies. When Mr. McPherson was the Revenue & Tax Administrator in the City of Oakland, he became a pioneer by being the first person in the Country to tax, regulate and audit the cannabis industry. He uses his experience of understanding horticulture, processing and dispensary operations to assist local and state agencies with developing cannabis policies for regulation, compliance, auditing and economic development. David and the HdL Cannabis Management team has assisted local agencies by evaluating and bringing into compliance over 1,800 cannabis business in the last four years. He worked closely with the League of Cities and lobbyists on the development of the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MCRSA).  David is currently working on implementation and regulatory requirements for Proposition 64 and SB94 as well as the new state regulations with local agencies to prepare them to transition into a fully regulated program for both medicinal and adult-use businesses.

David provides technical support on cannabis-related matters to the League of Cities, the Police Chief’s Association, Rural County Representatives of California and the California State Association of Counties. In addition, David is working collaboratively with the Department of Consumers Affairs, Department of Food & Agriculture, Department of Health Services and the Department of Tax and Fees Administration on the implementation of best practices for regulating the Cannabis Industry for local agencies.

David received his Bachelor’s Degree in History from California State University, Fullerton and his Master’s Degree in Public Administration from California State University, Long Beach. While at Long Beach, he was named “Future Urban Administrator of the Year”.